This is me in a Nutshell: Kicking and screaming, trying my best to get out. Jokes apart (and bad ones at that), I find it really difficult to sum up what makes me who I am.

Music is my life. What keeps me going. What runs through my mind all day. Chords and Compositions influence every aspect of my imagination. I've told everyone I know that I dream with a background score, and no one believes me. My instrument is the grand piano or electronic keyboard, which I play without any formal knowledge or training in music. I'm comfortable singing in Hindi, but have musical influences that transcend boundaries. I endeavor to bring diverse musical worlds together, like the blues and Hindustani classical. You'll learn more in the Music section.

I love to write. I find it to be the most lucid release of thought and emotion known to me. I've delved into journalism and poetry (Urdu and English) since I learnt how to hold a pen right, and some of my modest milestones can be seen in the Poetry & Journalism section.



After having adopted Corporate Advertising and Marketing as my career choice, I feel I have "miles to go before I succeed".

Do check out my updated Resume here.